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How to Look for a Great Function Venue for Your Engagement Party


The moment you get engaged, it is just natural to share this great news with your relatives and friends. You also want to celebrate your happiness in the grandest manner possible. it is no longer a new trend to hold engagement parties to declare an engagement. Engagement parties are often hosted either at the family residence or a venue. The function venue for your engagement party must be able to cater to the number of guests you plan to invite.

Here are some important tips to remember when looking for the perfect venue where you can hold your engagement party.

Prepare a Shortlist

The number of guests you plan to invite for your engagement party is going to be the number one factor to consider during your search. If you will be inviting a big crowd, the venue you choose should have the capacity to hold guests and ensure their comfort. You might want to choose a venue that can accommodate up to 250 guests.

You might think that this is a rather large number. But, you and your partner may both have 50 friends or so each and these friends can also have their own partners. Add in your family members and their partners, your work friends, family friends, parents’ friends, and the numbers can pretty much add up really fast.

You can try to search online to check out the different potential engagement party venues around your area that will be perfect for the kind of event you have in mind.

Know Your Budget

You have to be clear when it comes to the budget you can spend for your engagement party. Your wedding will be costly as it is so choosing a venue for your engagement that fits into your budget is a wise decision. You can list down your favorite venue options and narrow it down based on your set budget.

Consider the Distance

See to it that your chosen function venue is convenient and accessible for you and your guests. The last thing people want is to travel across town knowing that a big night awaits them. The longer the travel, the more expensive it will be for them.

Food and Drinks

Pick a venue that can service and provide good food and drinks to your guests. You can contact several venues and ask for rate quotations and menu options.

Visit the Venue Personally

The last, but not the least, it is important to personally visit the function venues you plan to choose. You can discuss your requirements and how your engagement party will be done. You can also look into the add-ons that the venue can offer. A good place to consider are open parks with good patios for taking photos and decorations. It is also nice to have a venue with carports.

There are a lot of function venues out there that can cater to engagement parties. The decision will all be up to you. With careful planning and consideration, you can expect to settle for the best venue where you can proudly announce your engagement to your families and friends.

What Music Software Do Pros Use?

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People love music. Music is one of the tangible ideas that bind many people, and it is usually part of one’s daily living. But, professional music makers are the ones who made themselves dedicated to creating and composing music, ensuring the high-quality tone and rhythms that will perfectly attract the listeners.

Music producers already know that music production software is the most essential of everything. And gratefully, having and accessing those brand software is not that difficult because there is various software over the internet that you can download and avail.

In this quick guide, we will be touring you to the most used software by professionals- soft wares that can also improve your music development skills. Here are those:


 Ableton Live 10 Suite Multitrack Recording Software

Ableton Live 10 is one of the best-known digital music software these days. It can give you the best features and has many plus points. In her, you can record multiple tracks and develop the succession of MIDI files. One of the features that stands out in this software is the wealth of samples that it offers with almost 5,000 sounds you can choose from and multiple effects that you can use.


Image-Line FL Studio 20 Producer Edition

One of the reasons this software is loved is its simplicity in technicality, but still in a full load of many features. In this software also you can access some superb synth sounds. Upon purchasing this product, you’ll be assured of lifetime free updates and more features.


Pro Tools 10 Audio Recording and Editing Software

Avid Pro Tools 10 is part of the best software that any musician could ask for. Why? Because the sound is processed in this software is typically faster, better, and easier to produce. This software is widely known for it offers products like music editing, music mixing, composing, and recording.


ACID Pro 7 Digital Audio Workstation

Sony Acid Pro 7 is indeed a masterpiece. Its powerful and great digital audio workstation is one of the best in the music market because it comes with multi-track mixing, extensive MIDI sequencing, legendary audio loops manipulation, and even home recording. It also offers multiple tool tutorials that will help you in getting up and running in time. The market also enjoys its major software highlights like a dedicated mixing console, MIDI track freeze, tempo curves, and generous format support.


Propellerhead Reason 7 DAW Music Software

Propeller Reason is suitable for professional music discerners when it comes to sound and music. This software is developed in association with some of the most famous and successful producers globally, including Printz Board and DJ Lucky Date. It brings full sweet sound and a tremendous amount of versatility even if you’re in your home studio. This software also got an intuitive set up where you can spend time producing more tracks and compositions. Features like versatile piano and three different collections of audio and samples are included in the package. Plus, a lot of synths you can choose from.



Popular Award with Music Category



Prizes are given to those people who exerted not just a simple effort but a whole heart and passion for what they are doing. Striving excellently to attain the highest position in all forms. As what is being said, ‘great achievements are always accompanied by great results and sometimes are accompanied with great rewards too.’

Whatever popularity, prestige and money attached to a particular award, it often goes along by striking responsibility and getting rewarded is always encouraging. And when it comes to the topic of awards in music, it can raise the morale of songbirds and the people behind every music.

Thus music awards are always given in answer to developing high-quality music, having large graphics and of course excellent and perfect sound quality. Here is the list of prizes inside the world of music that are famous not just for their physical design but also in the influential power.


Britt Awards is known as the most famous music award and was launched in 1977. It was made to honour achievements in popular music. Every year it is organized to present an award to singers as well as professionals associated in composing and producing music albums.


It may be hard for Generation X to understand, but MTV VMAS have been delivered out following 1984. In this, they recognized and honoured the best in music videos in some different categories. Madonna, in her popularity, has won the most VMAs with a total of 19 wins and 69 nominations.


Billboard Awards originated by the American music publication named Billboards. It is a ceremonial awarding that takes place each year in May. It is organized to honour the hottest names in music today. Billboard Music Awards are based on fundamental interactions with the music fans and digital song sales, streaming and social engagement tracked by Billboards company and its data partners.


These music awards are known as the most popular and prestigious awards in the music group. It is organized every year to accompany and honour the best group in the category of choral, opera, orchestral work and music albums. This momentous award ceremony is the most awaited day for most group musicians.


After the establishment of International Awards in 1989, the Prince of Monaco named Albert II introduced and started the World Music Awards. In this ceremony, awards are given to the world’s best-selling artists in different groups and the best-selling musicians hailing from different significant territories.

Every person around the world loves music, and it seems like life without music is annoying. Music unites people. That is why musicians from many places don’t stop creating music that will fit man’s desire for it. And for this reason, they create not just in vain, they deserve such a prestigious award, but then it came with qualifications. And with so many singers and music albums every year, it becomes more challenging to choose the best one. The challenge for musicians today is not just to create music but to let the world know about their music; in this way, they are compensated and rewarded.

How the IT Industry Power Music Moguls

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The IT industry has been affecting the music industry in different ways. It has been changing how music gets performed and recorded. To some extent, technological advancements have been critical in the expansion of the music repertoire. The developments are not only limited to the production and consumption of music but even how it gets distributed.

Just like with most other fields, the current music industry also undergoes dramatic and swift change because of emerging technological innovations. Music digitization has significantly changed all aspects of the music industry. From music producers and record labels to recording artists themselves, the people involved in the music industry were left with no choice but to adapt their music-making approach and how money is made.

Take a look at how music moguls have been taking advantage of today’s IT industry:

Music Creation

The revolution in the IT industry has created significant changes in the methods of music creation. Back in the days, producing music was mainly anchored on the analog methods found to be less effective if you consider the current standards in the industry. With production houses finally saying goodbye to analog ways and welcoming digital methods instead, music creation and production is now more cost-effective and convenient than ever before.

For example, the rise of software programs for music production has made the overall process of music production easier and more efficient. What is even better is that you don’t need to be a professional just so you can produce music. This explains why more and more young musicians find it easier to enter the music industry.

Music Distribution

Music sharing or distribution also saw significant changes for the past 10 years. For instance, because of the presence of the internet, artists can easily share music with more audiences with the use of different music sharing platforms. It means that traditional methods of file storage are starting to lose meaning due to the easy access to music.

Decreased Need for Technical Skills and Abilities

During the days when systems used for music production were mainly analog, music analogs didn’t have the choice but to bank all of their hopes on the music producers’ technical skills and abilities. On the other hand, the IT industry has reduced this excessive dependence on the technical abilities of the music producers as it takes a big chunk of the load off their shoulders. With more advanced electronics like MIDI inventions, things can now be done with no need to rely on technical abilities alone.

As the IT industry continues to grow and become better, it is almost a given fact that music moguls will also enjoy more benefits because of the advancements made. The current music industry is still growing, giving room for more aspiring artists to share their craft and let it be known and accessible among more audiences.

Hopefully, the changes that the IT industry brings will not only benefit the popular names alone but also the up and coming music makers who wish to tap into the music world.

How Can IT Services Improve Our Small Business


Almost all business leaders appreciate the central role that modern technology plays an important role in corporate environments. Besides, there is a little chance of staying competitive and relevant in the fast-evolving market if you do not have the right combination of technology at your side. That is the reason why technology might end up working against you, especially if you do not have a dedicated IT personnel to implement, maintain, and choose the right system and align technology with all of your operational goals.

How IT services improve your small business:

Your Business Won’t Outgrow Its Technology

You have your IT system for years now. Perhaps your staff has become accustomed to them even if they have problems often than you would like. But, outdated technology is the best enemy to grow a business. If your current system is having difficulties keeping up, it is time to adopt scalable infrastructure that grows with your own business or enables you to scale back. With IT services, you will get scalable cloud services, allowing you to improve cost efficiency. Aside from that, most cloud infrastructures give robust integrations with the current systems so your staff does not have to be restrained to use a new set of apps.

Employees Would Spend Less Time Trying to Solve Some IT Issues

There are some ways to crush productivity and motivation than through ending up in situations where employees waste their time doing some things that are not relevant to their work descriptions. For instance, if customer service staff is spending more time resolving IT issues and looking for workaround to annoying problems than serving your clients, customer satisfaction will take a hit. Your employees must be doing what you are paying them to do and not wasting their time on other things. If this kind of situation is familiar to you, get IT services. According to one IT guru, “the employees of their clients became more efficient in what they do after they took over the IT infrastructure of a certain company.” This is why it is crucial to acquire fully managed IT services.

Your Data and Systems Would Be Secure

Some clients entrust you with their personal information and confidential data, so you could hardly afford let security face some problems. Small business owners are some of the favorite targets of hackers for the reason that they frequently lack same security controls that their enterprise counterparts have, yet still control the high value data and information.

To ensure security and compliance, you require an enterprise-grade and robust infrastructure, which is something that usually big businesses can afford. Luckily, IT service providers have reached the scale that enables them to provide the same level of service and quality to small businesses.

There are other ways on how IT services or solutions can help a small business. If you are a small business owner and want to level up your business, you might want to consider quality IT services for your IT needs. In this way, you can be assured that your business is taking the right path and improve its growth in the long run.

Things to Know about Managed IT Service Providers

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Modern-day managed IT service providers play a vital role for all types and sizes of businesses and organizations. If your organization is still not working with a managed IT services provider to handle different areas of your business, here are some of the most important things you have to know about them.

Education and Training Plan for Their Own Employees

During the first time you work with your IT services provider, it is likely that they will present you with a list of the individual accreditations and certifications of their employees. Certifications are vital component for IT services providers as these will show their commitment towards industry trends and education.

Continuous employee education is important for businesses using managed IT services as this gives you the assurance that they stay on top of industry trends and consistently evaluate new technologies that can eventually support your business and technology goals.

Many industry certifications are also not easy to attain and retain as these usually include studying, exams, ongoing training, and lengthy applications. Companies with resources and documented plan set aside for added cost and time commitment show strong dedication to employee education and to your business’s future in turn.

Ability to Create New Things

Information Technology is a dynamic blend of concepts, technology, and ideas. One of the main things you want to expect from your managed IT services provider is the ability of predicting the future. Inquire from your provider about the new things they are cooking in their research and development laboratory and how you can benefit from it as their client. Technology companies that stay static will only head down a risky path and you like to ensure that you don’t stay with them on that path.

Persons in Charge

There are numerous moving parts in IT environments such as networking, storage, security, backups, virtualization, hardware procurement, application delivery, and a whole lot more. When you work with an IT services provider for your IT support, it is a must that you maintain a relationship with the team that created and developed the systems and not only the team maintaining it.

If you use a managed IT services provider, see to it that you have access to the organization’s key figures. It gives you an additional level of comfort while you ensure that you will not waste any time with the wrong department or team. You should at least know the key members of the team for areas such as security, cloud upgrades, licensing and procurement, support, finance, and marketing.

Tools of the Trade

Simply because someone else uses the tools doesn’t necessarily mean that you should not be aware what they are. Never hesitate to ask your provider what programs, applications, and software they are using for managing your IT environment. You must also never hesitate to ask why they are using it in the first place. Technology evaluation is a must for managed IT services provider and it is crucial that you know how and why your provider chose these tools.