10 Apps You Need to Kick-start Your Musical Career

Some of the most talented singers and musicians in today’s generation started acquiring attention through various websites; this is how the title internet singing sensation was coined.

From Justin Bieber, Arctic Monkeys to even massive superstar Adele, it’s no doubt that the internet is a fail-proof way to gain a number of following if you are an inspiring artist with a relentless dedication to your craft. 

Since the rose to fame of these artists, technology has only evolved, and now we are overwhelmed with different platforms where musicians can start stretching their musical expertise and post their work freely. 



GarageBand is a group of digital audio workstations for iPadOS, macOS, and iOS devices that enables users to create music or podcasts. This app was once only available in laptops, but as users demand a more convenient use, GarageBand became available in appstores.  



Some artists with a strong passion for music might lack skills in songwriting. Songify is the perfect app to help you build a song from a single keyword. This app is also perfect if you are open to hearing beats that might be out of your comfort zone. 



If you are looking for an app that offers musical production and social interaction at the same time, then BandLab is perfect for you. This app is quite great in terms of musical production features and is popular, too, since it creates a community within aspiring musicians. 



Animoog is described as the first professional synthesizer for iOS devices. Once you get pass the unfamiliarity of using a new app, this can help you hone your musical production skills. 


Korg iElectribe

This app made history by being the first musical app to produce a full-length album as it was used by the band Gorillaz to curate their album The Fall. This just proves the efficiency of Korg iElectribe when it came to creative music production across multiple genres. 


Music Memos

Just like any note-taking app found in our gadgets, Music Memos allows you to record snippets of vocals, melodies and the likes that randomly pop in your head so you can go back to them whenever you feel like using them for future tracks. 


Poweramp Music Player 

With its partnership with Musixmatch, you can scour through and find the lyrics to that one song you can’t get out of your head. In addition to that, Poweramp Music Player contains tons of features that will make your journey to creating music a magical one. 


Audio Evolution Mobile

Audio Evolution Mobile is available as a free app, but if you want to experience its full capacity, you have invested in it. With this app, you can get multi-track audio recording and MIDI sequencing.  



For aspiring rappers, this app is the one for you. Don’t get too excited though as this app won’t necessarily bring you to stardom. AutoRap will, however, allow you to practice and be comfortable playing with processes involve in musical production. 


Steinberg Cubasis

Cubasis is the mobile form of Cubase, a high-quality musical app which can be of a great playground for singers and musicians if they are willing to pay for it since this app is a paid one.  



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